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Medical Health Covers, a leading Telehealth platform, has made a significant mark in streamlining the medical clearance process and generating Good Faith Estimations. Upholding a strict adherence to HIPAA compliance, their challenge was enhancing their digital footprint and ensuring that intended audience could easily find their platform. To address this, Medical Health Covers collaborated with AR TechPartners, known for their proficiency in SEO and paid search advertising.

The platform ranked on the first page of Google for 5 key industry-specific terms within three months.

50% increase in platform sign-ups, attributing to the combined efforts of SEO and paid advertising.

For every advertising dollar, Medical Health Covers saw a $12 return, significantly boosting their digital marketing ROI.

Click-through rate (CTR) saw a boost of 15%, leading to a 60% rise in lead generation from both LinkedIn and Google ads.

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Elevate organic search rankings by deploying a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy, focusing on both on-page and off-page optimization techniques. Additionally, intensify targeted traffic flow and systematically generate quality leads by leveraging the precision and reach of paid search advertisements on platforms like LinkedIn and Google, ensuring that each ad resonates with the intended audience for optimum conversion rates.​

Strategy and Execution

Keyword Analysis: Identified a set of high-performing keywords tailored to the Telehealth sector and medical clearance processes.

On-page SEO: Optimized meta tags, image alt texts, and website content to improve organic rankings.

Ad Creation: Developed compelling ad copies highlighting the unique features of the Medical Health Covers platform.

Targeting Strategy: Leveraged audience segmentation on LinkedIn, focusing on healthcare professionals, medical institutions, and administrative personnel. On Google, targeted keywords and phrases potential users might input.


AR TechPartners' integrated approach in leveraging SEO and targeted paid advertising for Medical Health Covers showcased the power of a well-executed digital strategy. The marked increase in platform users and heightened brand recognition cemented Medical Health Covers' position in the Telehealth sector.

"I had an absolutely fantastic experience collaborating with the proficient team at AR TechPartners to craft a robust digital strategy for my business. They demonstrated remarkable patience and diligence throughout the entire process"
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Medical Health Covers

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