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Pacshores Mortgage emerges as a trusted luminary amidst a sea of mortgage providers. With services tailored to both residential and commercial clientele, they offer an expansive portfolio encompassing private money, hard money, and a spectrum of financing options for every kind of borrower. Recognizing that a strong service offering alone doesn't cut through the digital clutter, Pacshores Mortgage teamed up with AR TechPartners to amplify their online prominence through strategic Google ads.

25% uptick in qualified leads, signaling the precision and effectiveness of the targeted ad campaigns.

80% of Pacshores Mortgage's ads reliably secured positions within the top 3 Google search results.

There was a 60% increase in conversions, indicating not just quantity, but quality in lead generation.

The click-through rate for the ads improved by 42%, showcasing their relevance and appeal to the target audience.

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Elevate Pacshores Mortgage's online footprint, distinguishing them in an intensely competitive digital environment. Build awareness and foster trust by emphasizing their specialized services and expertise. Amplify lead generation efforts and drive higher conversion rates by implementing meticulously crafted, targeted Google ad campaigns that resonate with potential clients and underscore the brand's value proposition.

Strategy and Execution

Geo-Targeting: Given their base in Los Angeles, ads were geo-targeted to resonate with local audiences, ensuring maximum reach and relevance.

Budget Allocation: Instituted a dynamic budgeting system, channeling funds towards high-performing keywords and ad sets to optimize returns.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization: Regularly assessed ad performance metrics, refining strategies in real-time to ensure optimal ROI.


AR TechPartners' adept handling of the Google ads campaign for Pacshores Mortgage underscored the potency of well-crafted digital strategies. By ensuring that Pacshores Mortgage didn't just participate, but thrived in the digital arena, AR TechPartners cemented their role as strategic enablers in the digital marketing space

"AR TechPartners transformed our online strategy. Their expertise in managing Google ads positioned us prominently in a competitive space, driving both visibility and tangible business growth."
pacshores mortgage
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